Lori F Banks

Ingenuity. Curiosity. New Territory.


I’m a patient of Dr. Jason Bloom and I was in his new office today and was immediately drawn to your artwork! It was so colorful and cool! I just moved to a new apartment in center city Philly and would love to have a piece of your artwork in my home.
V.G. Center City, Philadelphia

The patients keep commenting on how amazing your artwork looks! Your paintings visually pull our new office space together and people love walking through our doors to experience your paintings.
Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery, Bryn Mawr, PA

The painting is really f---g cool. More importantly, Noel loves it.
Jeffrey, Philadelphia PA

Every time I look at your painting in my apartment, I think of the sea.
Since, I love being by the water, and I live in a high rise in the middle of the city, seeing your art everyday feels like a wonderful ocean escape.
Stacey, Philadelphia PA

We enjoy owning “Refuge” as part of our medical practice’s permanent art collection. Our patients are constantly commenting on how beautiful calm, and majestic the painting is. Your work is perfectly suited for our integrative medicine business.
Dr. Jingduan Yang, Tao Institute, Phiadelphia PA

After a lot of perusing and admiring all the options- “Adriatic” and New Day would be a great pair of paintings to procure from you!
Kent, Bryn Mawr, PA

I am finally a proud owner of one of your works, ” perplexed web”- a dynamic visual center piece in my home. Your painting style is unique, original and your use of color and texture makes everything stand out. You have a wonderfully innovative perspective, and the juxtaposition of color and design is intriguing.
Sam, Bethlehem, PA

Thank you so much for the beautiful painting. We immediately hung the picture in our bedroom so we can see it every day. We haven't decided if we will eventually hang your painting at the house on the mountain.  We are not sure we could stand to be separated from it for weeks at a time.  We will think of you every day.
Nancy and Rick, Portland Oregon

Your art work, “Urban Code 2”. looks great in my office. Your large geometric abstract compositions are visually exciting and distinctly personal. I see something different every time I look up and see your art hanging across from my desk.
Michael, Philadelphia, PA

“Trail Blazer” felt like it belonged in our home from the moment we brought it here. We are so enjoying it, and we love that it is the first thing we see when entering the front door. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our space!
Cindy and Russ, Penn Valley PA

I love your paintings. We must have an original Lori Banks.
Ellen, Haverford, PA

Your painting provides a bold focal point in our new home. We have it hanging over our fireplace where we can enjoy seeing it all the time. We are thrilled to add your painting to our collection!
Deborah and Don, Radnor PA

OMG! I am obsessed! i have been looking for paintings like these everywhere! i prob can't afford anything from her now...but maybe in 10 years haha.
Andrea, Boston

I would know your work anywhere.  The level of energy you manage to convey in your paintings is extraordinary. 
Nancy, Boston, MA

Your work is gorgeous!
Peggy, Boston MA

I am in love with your Apex piece. I would love to have it in my home.
Larissa, Wayne, PA

Mill Creek Capital Advisors, LLC Exhibit, Conshohocken, PA:

We initially exhibited 17 of Lori ‘s paintings for the opening of Mill Creek’s new corporate offices. Once our space was transformed by her abstract expressive artwork, we continued filling our hallways, conference rooms and foyer with LFB paintings.  The artwork has a creative spirit with a compelling sense of adventure and inspiration. The paintings reveal a broad range of design, color, composition, texture and vitality that makes our place come alive.
Rich Stevens, Esq., CEO Mill Creek Capital Advisors ,LLC

Tri State Artists Equity Members Exhibit, Fall 2010:

“Lori F. Banks “Distant Signal” is the most successful of the abstract paintings in the show. It is simply stated with maximum effect. The technique of washes and drips, despite its raw and unfinished quality, portrays a satisfyingly abstract cityscape, while leaving ample clues for interpretation of light, distance and structure.
Maxine K. Manges, MKM Fine Art

Goggle Works 2010 Exhibit, Reading PA:

Hi Lori, WOW!  I can not believe your work!  It is fabulous!  I wish I was a little closer to see you and them in person.  I will say congratulations ahead of time for you exhibition.
Linda, Miami Florida

I am so impressed by the show and so happy for you!!! Brings tears to my eyes.
Emma, Haverford, PA

Cool Beans
Eric, Perkasie, PA

Wonderful + Very Creative
Bart and Sue, Reading PA

Abe, Reading PA

The paintings are so inspirational and amazing.
Katie, Fleetwood PA

You continue to inspire and it was a real delight to see your work,
You are so prolific, it's amaaaazing! Your work looks really fantastic. So proud of you darlin'...
Jude, Lafayette Hill , PA

Your work is absolutely stunning!  When I got the original message from you, I really was impressed, but only had time to open 1 or 2. Now, Arlene and I are looking at all the images and they are incredibly good. Congratulations!
Jerry, Bryn Mawr PA

Congratulations on the gallery showing - your work is extraordinary.
Candace, Philadelphia, PA


If you would like to purchase any paintings, please email me at: Lori@LoriFBanks.com
Include the name of the artwork you are interested in and I will get back to you right away.

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